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We are so excited to welcome all the new children to reception and are looking forward to the exciting year ahead where we will learn lots of new things.

Mrs Lockhart is the teacher in Class 1 and Mrs Moore is the main teaching assistant. Sometimes we have other teaching assistants or students in the class but the above names will be the ones your child will talk most about.  As we get into the swing of things it is important for you to know that you can pop in and see us at any time before or after school, please make an appointment if you need a longer chat. Open classrooms are from 3:15-3:40 on a Wednesday where you can come and see what we have been up to.

Reception Baseline Assessment

​We are taking part in the new Reception Baseline assessment and this link will provide parents with some useful information about this


Reading and Reading logs

All children have been given a reading record, these should be brought into school every day and as the year progresses we will encourage the children to get them out of their bags each morning and out into the reading box. Please use the reading record to make comments about the books your child brings home and how your child got on with it. We will expect to see a comment every night and those children who read regularly will be given additional stickers for their chart. If reading is not completed a sticker will be placed into your child's reading record reminding you to read with them more regularly. Comments can be written about their school reading book, library book, a book from home or any other form of reading. Please note those children that read for short periods of time on a daily basis do make the most progress. We will change your child's reading book once a week however they can always read books from home and have access to online reading books via bugclub (login details will be available soon). Initially books will not have any words, please encourage your child to 'tell the story' using the pictures. Again, ask lots of questions but please remember that the main objective is to maintain enjoyment and encourage an interest in books. Once we feel the children are ready they will move onto phonic books and books with simple sentences. The children are encouraged to sound talk and blend the words together. 

Alongside a reading book, children can also access a library book on a weekly basis. This book can be shared with parents and does not need to be read by the child. Library books will come home in a clear book bag. Once read, keep at home until the following Wednesday. Please try not to put school reading books or reading records in the same bag as the library book as this is too difficult for the children to get out of their bags.

Reading records are also another useful way for us to communicate with parents and vice versa so please write short notes in them which you would like us to see and we will do the same. We check reading records everyday and encourage parents to do the same.


As mentioned above the children are expected to read every night. Alongide this reception home work includes:

  • Weekly practise of new letter sounds (these will be put into reading records on a Monday)
  • Weekly practise of forming the letters in small handwriting book.
  • After half term we also will be giving out weekly spellings.

** There may be times that we send home additional challenges or give children individual targets to work on but we believe the above homework is crucial to having the best start in school life.


The children in Class 1 have 1 formal PE lesson per week on a Wednesday taught by Coach Craig, we also go outside on a regular basis and try to have additional PE lessons where appropriate. Due to this and the potential to have small toileting accidents, we ask that PE kits remain in school all week. Coach Craig tries to go outside  in most weather, so coming into the colder  months we would recommend that a pair of dark track suit bottoms are placed into your child's bag.


Every Wednesday morning, Mrs Lockhart will be out of class to have time for planning, preparation and assessment. During this time Class 1 will be taught music by Mrs Longstaff and PE by Coach Craig. Mrs Moore will remain in the class to support both teachers.

Curriculum Map

Please CLICK on the link to see Class 1's curriculum map for the year. Our first topic is All About Me so please talk to your child about their body parts, family, age, pets, what they were like as babies etc.


We use tapestry for our online learning journeys, this is a brilliant way for you to keep up to date about your child's learning and see their progress and next steps. We encourage all parents to activate their accounts, add comments, photographs and videos so we are all contributing to your child's journey.

Outdoor learning


We try to ensure that the children have access to outdoors despite the lovely British weather. In order for this to happen, Children should have suitable clothing in school. We ask that wellington boots are kept in school and if possible an old raincoat. Please note, despite us encouraging the children to wear aprons, keep uniform tidy and be independent they do sometimes come home a little dirty. This is always the sign of some great learning happening! 



We are often asked in school if we can recommend any apps. Below is a list of apps which we use in school to support learning:

  • Pocket Phonics
  • Doodle Buddy
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Twinkl phonics
  • Toca Boca apps
  • Beebot
  • Pocket phonics
  • Sparkle Paint
  • Hickory dickory dock
  • Bugs and numbers
  • Phonics with letter lilies
  • Hairy letters
  • Teach your monster to read


Useful documents