Welcome to Class 2's page!

Happy ​Summer Term Class 2, as we get back into the swing of things it is important for you to know that you can arrange to see me at any time before or after school. Open classrooms are from 3:15-3:40 on a Wednesday where you can come and see what we have been up too. For further information please see your 'How to help sheet' (in useful documents section below)

Who is Who?

Class 2 is a busy class room with 30 year 1/2 children.

Teacher: Mrs Zuger

1:1 Teaching Assistant: Miss Ashwin

Student Teacher: Miss Rowland.

Please feel free to talk to any of the above adults about your  child and their progress.


Class 4 children will have two sessions of PE a week. This term indoor PE will take place on a Monday and outdoor PE will take place on a Thursday. Children may take their PE kits home with them on a Friday but they need to be returned with them on a Monday ready for the week ahead.

If your child does not have their PE kit in school they will have to use a spare kit from the PE kit box. They will not be allowed to borrow another child's kit.

If your child does not have a kit in school a note will be put in their reading diary, if they continue to forget their kit a text message will be sent home. After this it is a phone call home and then if this continues a letter will be sent home.




Your child will receive a cross curricular choice board each half term. They will be expected to complete 4 pieces of homework (you may complete more) by the last Monday of the half term.

Please don't feel that you have to evidence everything as they may be asked to go for a bike ride or to go on an autumn walk with the family, a signature, tweet, and/or photo will do.

If we do not receive your child's homework grid on the Monday a message will be put in their reading diary, if the homework does not come in the following day a text message will be sent home. If the homework is still not in on the Wednesday a letter will be sent home.

Year 1 Homework Grid summer 2.pdf

Year 2 Homework Grid summer 2.pdf


Reading records should be in school every day. They are used to send messages home and if you want to send any messages to school. You are expected to comment on how your child has read at least 3 times a week (remember it doesn't just have to be about a school book) this allows the child a chance to discuss the book; its themes, features and language, all of which are important for your child's comprehension and literacy skills.

Children are listened to at least once a week in school and this will be signed off by an adult in their reading records. If your child forgets their reading record once they will be reminded to bring this to school the next day, if this continues a text message will be sent and then this will be followed by a phone call and then a letter home.


Reading in Class 2...

Children take part in reading opportunities most days however will be formally heard read at least once per week. In order to support your child's progress it is essential that they read as much as poss​ible at home. We do expect to see at least 3 comments per week in their reading records and for these to be signed weekly. Children are given the opportunity to change their book after their guided reading session but if parents want to change these more regularly then they are welcome to after school.  In the morning children should put their reading records into the correct basket.

Children also have access to our online reading program bug club. This is another perfect opportunity for your child to read even more. Children can access this program both in school and at home and new books are allocated when finished. Many of the children love the bright colours and interactive ideas behind these books and don't feel like it is homework at all. If you do not have a login or unsure how to access the account please speak to either your child's teacher or our resident bug club expert- Mrs Hunt!

Children in Year 1/2 also have many high frequency words and common exception words which they need to learn to read and spell in order to further improve their English. Every Wednesday we will check how many words your child can read and once they can complete them all will be given a new list. Once the children can read all the words we will practise spelling them. Please spend 5 minutes daily going over these words and make sure the wallets and lists are in their bags every week.





Useful websites:


www.phonicsplay.co.uk – for games and support materials in phonics.

www.topmarks.co.uk – for games and support materials in maths and literacy.

www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/ - for short educational clips.

www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/ - online learning activities and resources for all subjects.

http://www.letters-and-sounds.com – For resources and information about phonics.


Useful Documents


Year 1 Term 3B Overview

How to help Summer 2

Letter Formation Handwriting Practice Sheet

Phase 3 - High Frequency words practice

Phase 5 - High Frequency words practice

Vipers ks1



Yr1 table mats


Year 2 homework expectations

Homework Guidance


Seesaw is an interactive platform where your child will be able to share their work. It will be used in all subjects from problem solving in Maths to Gymnastics in PE. We invite you to set up your very own parents' account where you can receive notifications when your child or a teacher has uploaded a piece of work. You will be able to like and comment on your child's work which will add to the great sense of achievement that the children feel when using the app. Any questions about Seesaw and how it works please feel free to pop in and see Mrs Zuger.



Class 2 LOVE earning Dojo points for working hard, following rules and being kind. The children need to aim to gain as many Dojos as possible in order to win celebrate their success by finishing top of the class and runner up each week. Your child will receive a certificate in our celebration assembly on a Monday. If you give me your email address, I can link you up to our system and you will be able to see how many Dojos your child is getting per week and for what reasons! This is an excellent way to support your child in school and to be further involved in all aspects of their learning.



We have introduced a new spelling scheme at Daresbury called Spell Bee. Your child will be taught with their year group every day. Your child will learn a rule and will be expected to use the rules that they have learnt in all of their written work. Attached to the website page is a list of spellings for your child's year group that they will learn across the Spring Term. Please be aware this is not a comprehensive list your child will be learning a spelling rule not a list of words. 

 Year 1 spelling-term-3a-overview

Spelling Bee Record Card YR2 Summer Term.pdf