Welcome to Class 3's page!

I would like to offer you a warm welcome to Class 3 where your child is taught to work hard, have fun and try their best in everything that they do.  Mrs Baldock and Mrs Jones are here to support you and your child and please remember that you can come in and see us at any time before or after school, please make an appointment if you need a longer chat. Open classrooms are from 3:15-3:40pm on a Wednesday where you can come and see what we have been learning through the week and an opportunity for you to see your child's books. 



Behaviour and Rewards

The whole school is following three new rules: kind, ready and safe. All our previous rules will come under these three headings and we will have opportunities in school to discuss them further with the children. Displayed in class is a sun and cloud system where all children will begin and hopefully end the day on the sun; however, if a member of staff feels that your child has not chosen to be kind, ready or safe, they will be given time to think about their actions (rain cloud) and if they persistently choose not to be kind, ready or safe (thunder cloud), they will be spoken to privately by the teacher and it will be written in their reading record. Each child will always start the day on the sun, regardless of the previous day's actions. We will be rewarding children who remain on the sun throughout the week and notifying parents via the reading diary. 


The children will be expected to read every night and practise the times table they are currently on. Additionally, children will receive up to 10 spellings a week taken from the Spelling Bee termly card. Children will receive stickers for their charts if this is noted in their diaries, which are checked daily. 


Reading records should be in school every day. They are used to send messages home and if you want to send any messages to school. You are expected to comment on how your child has read at least three times a week (remember it doesn't just have to be about a school book) this allows the child a chance to discuss the book; its themes, features and language, all of which are important for your child's comprehension and literacy skills. Your child will receive a raffle ticket weekly if this has been done, which is put into a draw and pulled out termly to win a book token worth £5.

Children are listened to at least once a week in school and this will be signed off by an adult in their reading records. If your child forgets their reading record once they will be reminded to bring this to school the next day, if this continues a text message will be sent and then this will be followed by a phone call and then a letter home.


Reading Vipers

Class 3 will be using our 'Reading Vipers' during their guided reading whole class lessons.  The reading vipers have had a massive impact on developing language, comprehension and inference skills. Attached to the website are key questions that can be asked to the children whilst they are reading at home. This will give you the chance to see the type of questions that they are asked during lessons and assessment periods. 

Reading vip​ers.pdf



Class 3 children will have two sessions of PE a week. This term outdoor PE will take place on a Thursday afternoon with Craig and indoor PE will take place on a Friday afternoon. Children can take their PE kits home with them on a Friday but they need to be returned with them on a Monday ready for the week ahead.


If your child does not have their PE kit in school they will have to use a spare kit from the PE kit box. They will not be allowed to borrow another child's kit.  If your child does not have a kit in school a note will be put in their reading diary, if they continue to forget their kit a text message will be sent home. After this it is a phone call home and then if this continues a letter will be sent home.


Seesaw is an interactive learning journal where your child will be able to share their work. It will be used in all subjects from problem solving in Maths to Dance in PE. We invite you to set up your very own parents' account where you can receive notifications when your child or Mrs Baldock has uploaded a piece of work. You will be able to like and comment on your child's work which will add to the great sense of achievement that the children feel when using the app. Any questions about Seesaw and how it works please feel free to ask Mrs Baldock. 



Class 3 will be continuing to use the scheme this year. Your child will be taught with their year group every Monday morning. Your child will learn a rule and will be expected to use the rules that they have learnt in all of their written work.

Every Monday your child will be given a spelling bookmark that you will find in their reading diary that practises the rule. The words on the bookmark will be directly from their words on the spelling bee card.

Your child will be tested on the rule the following week however it must be reminded that we will be testing your child's knowledge of the rule not a list of words. Additional words may be added by the teacher to assess your child's understanding.

Attached to the website page is a list of spelling for your child's year group that they will learn across the term. Again please be aware this is not a comprehensive list your child will be learning a spelling rule not a list of words. 

Spelling Bee Record Card YR2 Spring Term.pdf

Spelling Bee Re​cord Card YR3 Autumn Term

Superhero challenge

Every Monday, children will complete their superhero challenge. Children will not be given this prior to the lesson however there is support to help your child that you may find useful on our webpage. (Please be aware this is done by Halton and can take a little time.)


Sticker Charts

There will be sticker charts for each child which will be displayed in the classroom. Children can earn stickers through good behaviour, work and stand out moments. Once a child has received 25 stickers they will receive one marble, complete the second sticker chart and receive two marbles. Complete a third sticker chart {silver) and receive three marbles, fourth sticker chart (gold), four marbles and finally, complete the fifth chart and they will receive five marbles and a platinum award during celebration assembly on a Monday. We hope every child will aim for a platinum certificate by the end of the year. Good luck children!


How to help your child.


On our class webpage is a termly curriculum map so that you can view what your child will be taught throughout the year in each subject

Here are some websites that you may find useful to support your child's learning. 

Curriculum Map YR2​ 201920 Term 2.pdf

Maths –Year 2 and 3


Fun maths games for computers and tablets.



Fun and exciting maths and literacy games available.



A BBC website with all maths topics covered.



Fun maths games for children and advice section for parents ​


Lots and lots of games and tools to help your child with maths at home.



Fun games to support the learning of times tables.  Table Mountain is recommended and can be played in demo mode.


English  Year 2 and 3



free grammar and spelling games.



Reading VIPERS guidance.


Please always ask if you want anything to support your child at home  ​