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A welcome message from Miss Andrew

Welcome to Class 4's page. I am delighted to be back at Daresbury, and teaching all of the children in Class 4. The theme for our class this year is based around the Disney film 'Up'. Our adventures this year will take us on an exciting learning journey through Year 4 and 5. 

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Our main focus this term is the Olympics, we will look at the History of past hosts; children are encouraged to research and find out their own facts too. A link to get you started: http://www.activitybucket.com/fact-sheet-rio-olympics

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What's happening in this half term? ​

Baking: Well Class 4 have the  Miss Passmore back teaching them,  she is now on a full timetable; however Mrs Zuger continues to oversee and teach some lessons too!


After many changes to the timetable, we're finally baking on a Friday afternoon; a letter will go out soon with further information.


Class 4 children will continue to have PE on a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday. The sessions will be both in and outdoors and will be based around summer sports. Now that the weather is brighter Class for will additionally be completing the mile for a smile each week where it is possible. Can you please ensure children have their FULL PE kits in school every day.

How to help your child Summer 2 class 4

Summ​er 2 homework grid

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Supporting your child Yr4

Supporting your child Yr5

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This half term both year groups in Class 4 will be given one piece of homework a week. It will continue to be handed out on a Friday and will need to be back in school by Wednesday at the latest. If your child does not have their homework in on time they will lose their golden time and be asked to catch up. The content of your child's homework will vary. One week a piece of Maths will be given and the following week it will be a piece of Literacy/SPaG. Alongside your child's weekly homework this half term we will be introducing a choice grid to be worked on over the half term. There will a selection of tasks from baking, art and discussion pieces to Maths, SPaG and spelling. There will be a minimum expectation of 5 tasks to be completed each half term. Activities should be completed to a high standard. Presentation, handwriting, punctuation and spellings should be of the same high standard that is expected in class work. Feel free to comment on whether your child needed support or anything else you think we would like to know.

Sometimes you may find that your child finds their tasks easy, but practising these skills help embed them and prompt quick recall. However if your child finds their task too hard please let me know, so we can discuss it and modify the homework if required. Each week your child will be expected to complete a maths activity, a spelling/SPAG activity and reading.

Please continue to practise the Times Tables from 1 -12 and their related division facts e.g. 6 x 4 = 24, 24 ÷ 6 =4. Each week your child will be taking part in our 'Superhero Times Table' challenge and to progress your child onto the next challenge I will be ensuring that we have a tight focus on learning and revising all of the relevant Times Tables during lessons and booster sessions. Please note that your child will know which Times Table their challenge focus on each week to progress to the next challenge.

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We encourage the children to read every night and to write in their reading records at least 3 times a week. We recommend that children in upper key stage 2 still read to an adult a few times a week, this allows the child a chance to discuss the book; its themes, features and language, all of which are important for your child's comprehension and literacy skills.  Your child will be heard read by an adult through guided reading sessions and will be taking part in 


Click thi​s link to read more on RIC resources.


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We are introducing a whole school spelling scheme/challenge; a letter will be going out to fully explain the reasons behind the changes and what we think the benefits are for your child. We're still sending out list to support you at home if you wish.

The children will receive five spellings a week; two from their year group spelling list (which is sent home every half term) and three that they commonly miss-spell.

Click this link to access Year 4 spellings

Click this link to access Year 5 spellings


Throughout the school this year, we are having a big push on writing and the different features which a piece of work should include. Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) is going to be at the forefront of English sessions to ensure that the children are applying different features to their writing in order to improve. Their English will still revolve around a story, however more focus this year will be placed on the SPAG associated with the writing they will be asked to produce.



Reasoning and problem solving is an area all children could practise; I've added some PDF worksheets that may support you and your child at home.



Useful websites




www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/ (maths, English and topic)



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Parental support is vital therefore we have attached a 'How to help your child' sheet for the first half term; this includes the topics and areas of learning your child will be covering during this half term. There are some useful links which may support your child's learning and research skills. Anytime you can give during the school day to support class 4 with reading, timetables e.t.c would be gratefully received.

Thank you for taking the time and looking at our class page; we endeavour to keep you updated during the year with all the exciting things class four are up to.

Click this link to read more on how you can help your child.

As always please do not hesitate to come and see us before, after school or on a Wednesday to discuss anything regarding your child or school.

Thank you all for your continued support this year!