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I would like to offer you a warm welcome to Class 5 where your child is taught to work hard, have fun and try their best in everything that they do.  As we get back into the swing of things it is important for you to know that you can pop in and see me at any time before or after school. Open classrooms are from 3:15-3:40 on a Wednesday where you can come and see what we have been up too. For further information please see your 'How to help your child' sheet.




Class 5 children will have three sessions of PE a week during this half term. The two sessions of indoor PE (Zumba and Yoga) will take place on a Monday and Tuesday and their outdoor PE will take place on a Friday. Children may take their PE kits home with them on a Friday but they need to be returned with them on a Monday ready for the week ahead.

If your child does not have their PE kit in school they will have to use a spare kit from the PE kit box. They will not be allowed to borrow another child's kit.

If your child does not have a kit in school a note will be put in their reading diary, if they continue to forget their kit a text message will be sent home. After this it is a phone call home and then if this continues a letter will be sent home.


Reading Vipers

Children in Class 4 have been using our 'Reading Vipers' during their weekly book study lessons and guided reading.  The reading vipers have had a massive impact on developing language, comprehension and inference skills. Attached to the website are key questions that can be asked to the children whilst they are reading at home. This will give you the chance to see the type of questions that they are asked during lessons and assessment periods. 

Reading vipers2.pdf



Homework will be handed out on a Friday and collected in on a Wednesday to give chance for it to be marked. The year 5 children will receive one piece of homework a week; either a piece of Maths or a piece of grammar or sentence level work. The year 6 children will receive two pieces of homework a week; a piece of Maths and a piece of grammar or sentence level work.

If your child fails to bring their weekly homework in by the following Wednesday then they will lose their golden time. During whole school golden time your child will be asked to complete their homework whilst being supervised by a member of the senior leadership team.

Please allow your child the opportunity to complete their homework independently and take responsibility for their work (remember your child will face the consequences not you).

If they are unsure or struggling give them help but please don't do the homework for them. If you're at a complete loss send your child in on the following Monday with their homework where I will support and complete it with them. I recommend approximately 30 minutes to complete each piece homework to give your child a healthy work/life balance.




In addition your child will receive a cross curricular choice board each half term. They will be expected to complete 5 pieces of homework (you may complete more) by the last Monday of the half term.

Please don't feel that you have to evidence everything as they may be asked to go for a bike ride or to go on an autumn walk with the family, a signature, tweet, and/or photo will do.

If we do not receive your child's homework grid on the Monday a message will be put in their reading diary, if the homework does not come in the following day a text message will be sent home. If the homework is still not in on the Wednesday a letter will be sent home.



Summer 1 homework grid year 5.pdf
Summer 1 homework grid year 6.pdf




Reading records should be in school every day. They are used to send messages home and if you want to send any messages to school. You are expected to comment on how your child has read at least 3 times a week (remember it doesn't just have to be about a school book) this allows the child a chance to discuss the book; its themes, features and language, all of which are important for your child's comprehension and literacy skills.

Children are listened to at least once a week in school and this will be signed off by an adult in their reading records. If your child forgets their reading record once they will be reminded to bring this to school the next day, if this continues a text message will be sent and then this will be followed by a phone call and then a letter home.



​Useful Documents


First 100 HFW
Next 200 HFW
How to help your child Summer 2

Summer 2 homework grid.pdf

Spelling Bee Record Card YR4 Summer Term.pdf

Spelling Bee Record Card YR5 Summer Term.pdf

Reading vipers.pdf






Seesaw is an interactive platform where your child will be able to share their work. It will be used in all subjects from problem solving in Maths to Yoga in PE. We invite you to set up your very own parents' account where you can receive notifications when your child or Miss Maunder has uploaded a piece of work. You will be able to like and comment on your child's work which will add to the great sense of achievement that the children feel when using the app. Any questions about Seesaw and how it works please feel free to pop in and see Miss Maunder.




We have introduced a new spelling scheme at Daresbury called Spell Bee. Your child will be taught with their year group every Monday morning. You child will learn a rule and will be expected to use the rules that they have learnt in all of their written work. Attached to the website page is a list of spelling for your child's year group that they will learn across the autumn term. Please be aware this is not a comprehensive list your child will be learning a spelling rule not a list of words. 


Spelling Bee Record Card YR5 Summer Term.pdf
Spelling Bee Record Card YR6 Summer Term.pdf



​Useful Website


Compare 4 Kids

This links to lots of other websites which have games and activities on specific subjects


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