If your child has been allocated a place at Daresbury School he/she will be invited to attend a number of preschool visits during the summer term.

An information pack with various information, documents and details of the new entrants' meeting will also be forwarded to prospective parents during the summer term.


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Daresbury Primary School New ParentsAbsence

For any absence due to ill health please contact the school as soon as possible on the first day of absence giving brief details of the reasons and anticipated absence period. Alternatively, a brother or sister may bring in a written message from you. As a school we operate a system of first day contact and therefore if we have no message we will contact you to find out the reason for the absence.

Unexplained absences now have to be marked as "unauthorised" in the school registers and the statistics have to be published.


Absences may be authorised for Medical/Dental Reasons, please notify the school office where a 24 hour answer machine serivece is available (Tel: 01925 740309)

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Daresbury Primary School New ParentsHolidays

​Daresbury Primary School will not grant permission for holidays or extended leave to be taken in term time and discourage parents/carers making an application for leave of Absence except in “special or exceptional circumstances” as specified by the Policy.

Daresbury Primary School will only consider leave of absence for one period of absence within an academic year.

Daresbury Primary School will not grant permission for any Leave of Absence:

  • During transition time when a pupil is settling into school.
  • During preparation time for examinations (SATs)
  • During school examinations (Optional SATs)
  • When the pupil’s attendance has been below 95% for the previous 38 weeks.
  • The pupil already has unauthorised absence.


Special and Exceptional Circumstances


The Head Teacher or person designated by the Head Teacher may consider that the following circumstances are “special” or “exceptional”.

  • To allow a pupil to return to their country of origin for family, religious or cultural reasons
  • Unavoidable circumstances e.g. the parent/carer has inflexible leave allocation and this has been confirmed IN WRITING by the employer
  • A family member is seriously ill.
  • There has been a death or significant trauma in the family and a holiday may help the child to cope better with the situation.
  • Leave of absence for children of serving members of the armed forces.


  • Availability of “cheap” holidays
  • Availability of desired accommodation
  • The prospect of better weather
  • Special or milestone birthday celebrations of a parent / grandparent

 would not be considered as “special” or “exceptional” circumstances. For further details please refer to the Leave of Absence Policy below