​Playground Friends


Who are the playground friends?


The Playground friends are a group of volunteers who help at playtimes. These are carried out in the playground or inside during wet playtimes.

The playground friends:


-help to create positive environment in our school

-show that you are committed to helping other children

-demonstrate a caring attitude to others

-act as a positive role model and teach others how to be caring and friendly

Jobs include:


- helping in the dining hall

-taking out bags of equipment

-organizing games and activities during playtimes

-making sure children are playing safely

-helping lonely children to make friends

-involving lonely children in games

-sitting with unwell children

-taking children to a first-aider

-communicate with an adult about any problems/disputes

-collecting in equipment at the end of the session

-looking after the equipment



What do I do if?


What if too many children want to join in?


If there are too many children for the game you may need to have two groups running the same game. You may want to start an alternative game and swap games with these children after a while.

What can we do if other children are rude to the Playground Friends?


Playground Friends should always tell the adult if they are not happy with the way they have been spoken to.

What happens if Playground Friends see other children fighting?


They should report it immediately to an adult.

What should I do if I see someone bullying, or are told about a bullying incident?


The role of the Playground Friend is to be a good friend to whoever needs them. It is not your role to confront children involved in bullying or other conflict situations. If you are concerned about something you have seen report it to an adult.

What if I don’t want to be a Playground friend any more?


No problem just let Mrs. Jones know first.

Finally, as a Playground Friend you should:


-Interact with other children, not just your friends


-Take turns

-Develop your speaking and listening skills

-Have fun


-Learn the importance of rules

-Enjoy physical activity

And have FUN!!!!!!