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Daresbury Primary School is a strategic partner to the Heath Teaching School in Runcorn and we are involved in the Schools Direct Programme. The Heath School is Lead School for Teacher Education Across Merseyside (TEAM) consortium and we work in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Daresbury Primary School is the lead school for the Primaries working within TEAM and with LJMU. Daresbury Primary School has a strong commitment to providing out​standing Initial Teacher Training.

For the academic year 2021-22 we do not have any trainee completing their programme with us. We have also now filled our allocation for students for 2022-23. For further information please contact Jeni Dooley on the number below.

School Direct is a relatively new route into teaching where trainee teachers work in a home school for the majority of their training. There are two routes to go down:

  • School Direct trainee programme
  • School Direct salaried programme

    Accreditation for the Post Graduate Certificate of Education (with Qualified Teacher Status) is awarded by John Moores University. The intention of School Direct is to create a deeper partnership between schools and universities. A lead school works in partnership with the university and other schools, as a group which is referred to as a consortium. Although there are no guarantees, every effort is made to employ School Direct trainees within their consortium, upon successfully gaining QTS.

    Daresbury Primary School is an OUTSTANDING, high achieving village school, with an excellent reputation within the borough of Halton.  We have a very enthusiastic, hard-working and friendly staff team who are used to offering support to students and colleagues alike. Daresbury Primary School holds Artsmark Silver, Primary Science Quality Mark Silver, Primary Geography Quality Mark Silver, Healthy Schools Award and 5 ways to Well Being Award and we are proud of our strong links with parents, our musical provision and the wide range of opportunities and experiences we provide for our children. Visitors always comment on how well our children behave and their good manners too.

    What does our programme look like?

    For the School Direct training route you would complete a one week induction in August at Liverpool John Moores University (our partner university), following induction you will start in September in Daresbury Primary School and be part of the staff team from day one. You will attend university for some days throughout the year but the vast majority of the time you will be in school. There will be a second placement of six+ weeks in a contrasting school within the consortium, to help you gain a breadth of experience to prepare you for your NQT year. As we have a vast range of schools within the current consortium we are also able to arrange days at Primary, Secondary and other Special schools to support you to develop in areas specific to your needs.

    You will start off by observing lessons and noting what makes a good teacher and strategies used and gradually you will begin to teach. You can expect regular feedback from experienced and high performing teachers. You will be supported by a mentor who will meet with you weekly to guide your progress, share their expertise and help you set targets. You will also be placed in a class and work alongside an experienced teacher in order to gain the full range of experience required. If areas of further development are identified you will be offered opportunities for experience in different age groups in order for you to meet your needs.

    Comments from previous Schools Direct Trainees:

    "Training at Daresbury was an excellent experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. The support I received throughout the year was fantastic and I felt like a valued member of the team from day one. The staff at Daresbury could not help me enough and gave me a huge amount of help and guidance whenever I needed it. The children throughout the entire school were a pleasure to meet and teach and are polite and friendly whilst extremely motivated to succeed – a trait that made my year training so exciting, inspiring and rewarding." Natalie Viggers

    "My experience as a student teacher at Daresbury was invaluable. Having the opportunity to work alongside such skilled teachers in such a supportive environment has been immensely beneficial and I have taken a lot of effective skills and techniques into my NQT year as a result. I would recommend this experience to any prospective teachers in the future." James Marnel


    For more details about the programme and initial queries related to School Direct and TEAM consortium please contact Jeni Dooley, School Direct Assistant based at The Heath on telephone 01928 576664.

    School Direct.jpghttp://www.theheathteachingschool.org.uk/schooldirectprogramme/index.html