​​​​​​​​Daresbury special mentions 


Class 1


Miss Simcock could not think of anyone else who deserves a special mention this week more than Frankie. All the staff in Class 1 are loving seeing Frankie's bubbly personality shine through and how kind and thoughtful she is towards the other children.  Not only this but all Miss Simcock can say about Frankie's writing is WOW!

Well done Class 1's superhero!


Class 2


Elise is a clear always girl, she always puts effort into her work and aims to please.  She strives to improve and is always happy to take on board help and guidance. Elise is an exceptional person and student; a good role model to her peers.

Well done Elise!


Class 3


This week Ryan has been chosen for his enthusiasm and hard work in Mathematics.  Ryan has been completing additional maths work at home and is demonstrating great motivation to succeed.

Well done Ryan!


Class 4

Callum (Yr4)

Callum is Class 4's workaholic who always has a smile on his face.  Callum has really stood out this week with his hard work and perseverance in Maths.  Callum has impressed Miss Andrew ​with his attitude towards feedback and going above and beyond with his work in school (and at home) to improve and master his ability.  Callum your hard work and determination is admirable and you're a pleasure to teach – keep it up!

Good work Callum!



Class 5

Thomas PC

This week Class 5 have looked at the durability, permeability and density of different rocks.  The children worked in groups to carry out various tests on the rocks.  Thomas really impressed Miss Maunder with how well he worked in his group; he was extremely sensible and was able to work collaboratively to find the answers to his scientific questions.

Well done Thomas – keep it up!






Daresbury special mentions

Autumn Term (1st Half)

Daresbury special mentions

Spring Term (1st Half) 

Daresbury special mentions


Daresbury special mentions

Autumn Term (2nd Half)  

Daresbury special mentions


Daresbury special mentions