​​​​​​​​​​​​​Daresbury special mentions 



Class 1

Jacob D

Jacob has impressed us this week with his knowledge on famous landmarks in Runcorn.  He loved his recent trip to Halton Castle with his family and was able to explain to the class where the castle was and explain various features.  Jacob always works really hard in class but it has been lovely to see all his hard work paying off particularly in his handwriting.

Well done Jacob!




Class 2


Frankie always chooses to be ready and works hard in every lesson.  She has done particularly well in Science, R.E., Maths and Judo.  Frankie is a real pleasure to teach.

Well done Frankie!





Class 3


Maya has been working super hard this week and making sure she is staying on task to complete her work.  Not only has Maya been working hard but she is a kind and very sensible member of our class and is always setting a good example.

Keep up the hard work Maya.




Class 4

Zach L

Miss Woodward is super impressed with Zach in dance this week.  He tried hard when working as part of a group to piece together a beautiful routine which represented friendship and trust.  Zach was extremely mature and sensible during this and presented a well thought out dance!

Well done Zach!



 Class 5

Year 6

Well Year 6, you've done it!  Years and years of hard work, perseverance and determination have paid off this week.  The whole school is extremely proud of you and your efforts within every test.  On a personal note Mrs Unsworth has to say that she is beaming with pride.  For some of the year group it's been a two year journey and for some it has been three and everyday on that journey with you in her class Mrs Unsworth feels that it has been a credit!  Whatever will she do without you all?

Well done once again; you are amazing!



Ye​ar 5

How wonderful you are, Year 5, especially this week.  You have shown how mature you can be and have respected the needs of Year 6 throughout SATs week. You have had to move from place to place for your lessons (wet area, ICT suite, outside etc.) but you have done this in a calm and sensible manner and still produce excellent pieces of work.  Well done Year 5, Mr Morris says you are a delight to teach and you are a credit to the school.

Daresbury special mentions

Autumn Term (1st Half)

Daresbury special mentions

Spring Term (1st Half) 


Daresbury special mentions

Summer T​erm (1st Half)


Daresbury special mentions

Autumn Term (2nd Half)  

Daresbury special mentions


Daresbury special mentions
Summer T​erm (2nd-half)