​​​​​​​​​Daresbury special mentions 



Class 1



Amber is a little superstar!  She tries hard in all activities and is a busy little bee in our classroom.  She has impressed us this week with her reading and writing. Amber is able to read sentences as she knows all her tricky words and is getting wonderful at writing sentences.

You have had a great week Amber!




Class 2



James is one of the kindest, most helpful and supportive members of our class!  We are so proud of him and all of his hard work; it is paying off and it has shown in his recent work.  Lots of progress James!

Keep up the hard work – we're very proud of you





Class 3



Isla has been a little superstar this week!  She has been working really hard this week with Miss Rowland and Miss Shaw and has been recognising lots of new sounds.  Isla has made sure she has been kind to everyone this week too and has been a lovely friend.  Although P.E. is not Isla's favourite subject, Isla has tried her very best this week and even won a tug of war in Judo!

Fantastic week Isla, keep it up!



Class 4



Louisa could be chosen for special mentions every week!  She is always polite and well-mannered; setting a fantastic example for others.  She is very sensible and can always be depended on to try her best.  She is making good progress in all her subjects because of her amazing attitude.  She even asks to stay in at playtime to do extra maths!  She is a pleasure to teach!

Well done Louisa!



 Class 5



Brody has been chosen for special mentions this week because of his attitude towards his assessments.  Mrs Unsworth is so proud of his progress and to see all of his hard work to show so positively.  Brody is really trying in every lesson and is the perfect example of the saying "if at first you don't succeed try and try again."  A fantastic attitude to have towards this year Brody!

Well done – keep it up Brody!​






Daresbury special mentions

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Daresbury special mentions

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