​​​​​​​​​​​​​Daresbury special mentions 



Class 1

Isla W

If it's a problem that needs solving, a job that needs doing or a friendly hug then Isla is always the girl!  We always know that Isla can be relied upon.  She is very mature and helpful towards others in the class.  Alongside this, Isla is a developing jewellery designer, always finding stickers and gems to make herself and her friends her latest designs.

Well done Isla!





Class 2


Wow, the effort Lena has been putting in this week is amazing.  Lena's work is always so beautifully presented and she should be so proud of this.  Every day Lena shows Miss Higham and other adults that she is being kind, safe and ready.

Keep up the hard work Lena, Miss Higham is so proud!





Class 3


Sapphy has been noticed for really trying hard in Maths and English.  She is trying hard to improve her presentation and she has become a shining example to the rest of the class.

Keep it up Sapphy!



Class 4


We are so PROUD of Paige this week; she has been working really hard all week and making fantastic progress this half term; especially in Maths, which is not always her favourite subject!  Paige has been extremely strong and positive this week persevering with many things and making sure she makes the best out of school!

Keep smiling Paige!





 Class 5


Annabel is in the Special Mentions Book because she always tries her best.  She listens hard in class and works diligently at all times.  She is making good progress with her spellings and times tables because she works hard at home to learn them.  Annabel is a lovely friend who is patient and loyal – a great example for others.

Well done Annabel!




Lunchtime Special Mentions  


Bryn   ​  Lucy   Rosie    Harry J    Adrian    Adam

Daresbury special mentions

Autumn Term (1st Half)

Daresbury special mentions

 Spring Term (1st Half)

Daresbury special mentions


Daresbury special mentions

Autumn Term (2nd​ Half)

Daresbury special mentions

Daresbury special mentions