​​​​​​​​​​Daresbury special mentions 



Class 1


Lacey is a busy bee and everyday completes several activities.  This week she drew her own story map to demonstrate Chinese New Year and loved making our stir fry.  Lacey has also shown us her creative skills and has loved making up her own Superhero dance.  She loves performing to her friends and always remembers the dance moves.

Great job Lacey!




Class 2


WOW – Kiki has been trying hard with all aspects of her learning; especially in her reading, spelling and maths!  Kiki has been working hard at home too which has really helped.  She has been concentrating and trying hard during our lessons too!

Keep it up Kiki – Mrs Zuger is very proud of you!





Class 3


Zac is our special mention this week because he tries his best in everything he does.  Zac has been our maths whizz this week and has puts lots of effort into writing his own warning story, taking on board all advice given.  Zac is always keen to improve his work and puts 100% effort in!  Zac is a kind funny and sensible member of our class and brightens up our days

Keep up the hard work Zac!



Class 4


Ollie has had a great week in school.  He always works super hard in class and this has really paid off in recent maths lessons where he has done brilliantly in fraction work.  He will always preserve and continue to try even when he finds something difficult and this is a very valuable skill.

Well done Ollie!



 Class 5



James has had a fantastic week this week and all of the adults in Class 5 couldn't be any prouder of him.  James won't mind Mrs Unsworth saying this but he is Class 5's resident chatterbox, however this week we haven't heard a peep out of him.  James has really knuckled down in every lesson this week showing great focus, concentration and progress.  James has successfully completed not one but two excellent pieces of independent writing that are taking pride of place on the class' display.  A cracking way to finish the half term.

Well done James!​





Daresbury special mentions

Autumn Term (1st Half)

Daresbury special mentions

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Daresbury special mentions

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Daresbury special mentions
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