​​​​​​​​​​​​​Daresbury special mentions 



Class 1



Mitch has been a superstar this week; he has tried so hard with everything he has been doing especially with a smile on his face.  We are so proud of him and hope he continues with this excellent behaviour.  Miss Higham knows he is ready for Class 2.

Well done Mitch!




Class 2



Wow!  Sapphy has been trying so hard in all lessons.  She has been writing using verbs and adjectives in English.  In Maths she has worked hard adding money and in Science she has enjoyed identifying deciduous and evergreen trees.

Well done Sapphy!





Class 3



Harvey is our final special mention of the year and it is really well deserved!  Harvey is a superstar, he is always noticed for his kindness and he is a lovely friend to everyone.  He can always be relied upon to set a great example to the rest of the class and he's always sensible.  Harvey also tries his very best in everything that he does. What a wonderful year you have had Harvey!

Well done!



Class 4



Frankie is in the Special Mentions Book today for his outstanding kindness during P.E.  when he helped, supported, guided and encouraged another pupil to achieve their very best.  Miss Shaw was very impressed and touched to witness this and wanted to let him know how proud we all are!

Well done Frankie!



 Class 5



Class 5 have worked extremely hard this week towards their enterprise.  They've made some fantastic items to sell all linking to our theme around plastic pollution.  We've created blackout poetry and wrote further poems that will be performed.  Class 5 have been superstars all year and Mrs Unsworth couldn't be prouder. 

Year 6, well done for all of your hard work and efforts.

Year 5, well done to you.  You're the hardest working bunch and have been a great support to your peers this year.

A fabulous year in Class 5 – well done everyone!​




Daresbury special mentions

Autumn Term (1st Half)

Daresbury special mentions

Spring Term (1st Half) 


Daresbury special mentions

Summer T​erm (1st Half)


Daresbury special mentions

Autumn Term (2nd Half)  

Daresbury special mentions


Daresbury special mentions
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